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Made from 100% Water buffalo

Our family owned and operated farm produces a wide variety of water buffalo meat and dairy products, available in our store.  Water buffalo meat is low fat, high protein, and has a wonderful flavour.  Try some today.

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Koskamp Family Farms

Tenderbuff is the answer to the health conscious consumer wanting a red meat with the health benefits of white meats including cholesterol. Water buffalo, or bufala, are a completely different species than North American buffalo, which are actually bison. One of the greatest differences between these two animals is that water buffalo are an excellent source of dairy, as well as healthy red meat.

Tenderbuff is our quality assurance of the tenderness of the meat. Very lean meats have a tendency to become less juicy as the animal gets older. Our animals are slaughtered around one year of age. This is the age that the animals begin to turn into young bulls of good size but are not yet sexually mature.

Lean meats need to be prepared rare or medium rare to preserve moisture or need added healthy fats (i.e. olive oil) to prevent drying out during preparation. Use less spice and sauces as tenderbuff meat releases more flavour than it takes in.

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if you are interested in wholesaling our products, or in selling them as part of a fundraiser, contact us.

We Have Live Water Buffalo Steers Available

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