Koskamp Family Farms

Tenderbuff is the answer to the health conscious consumer wanting a red meat with the health benefits of white meats including cholesterol. Water buffalo, or bufala, are a completely different species than North American buffalo, which are actually bison. One of the greatest differences between these two animals is that water buffalo are an excellent source of dairy, as well as healthy red meat.

Tenderbuff is our quality assurance of the tenderness of the meat. Very lean meats have a tendancy to get dry and stringy if the animals get too old. Our animals are slaughtered around one year of age. This is the age that the animals begin to turn into young bulls of good size but are not yet sexually mature.

Lean meats need to be prepared rare or medium rare to preserve moisture or need added healthy fats (i.e. olive oil) to prevent drying out during preparation. Use less spice and sauces as tenderbuff meat releases more flavour than it takes in.

About Us

Koskamp Family Farms has been in the Stratford area for more than 30 years. It is a 2 family farm with Fred and Irene along with Henry and Inge operating the farm. The farm was purchased from Fred and Henry’s parents in 2001. Our farm has continued to grow and now includes Water Buffalo.

In May 2007 we began looking for a herd of Water Buffalo that would meet Canada’s Import Requirements. We welcomed the arrival of our first young female Water Buffalos from Florida in October 2007, giving Canada its second herd and Ontario its first. In January 2009 the first water buffalos calved and we began to milk them. Our milk is processed into Water Buffalo Mozzarella by Quality Cheese Inc. in Vaughan Ontario. The Mozzarella is sold under the Bella Casara Brand.

Water buffalo have been domesticated for centuries in many parts of the world. They are known for draught power and the unique qualities of their milk.

Canada’s first commercial Water Buffalos were imported by Fairburn Farms on Vancouver Island.

Koskamp Family Farms practices responsible agriculture, producing animals raised in an environmentally and welfare-friendly system. Feeds are produced on farmland which is managed by land stewardship values. We have been following a government approved Nutrient Management Plan since 1999. The health of the land is paramount for future generations.
The bull calves born are being hand raised under tenderbuff protocols for meat purposes.

Tenderbuff Protocols

  • Diets do not permit any use of animal by-products, growth hormones or medicated feeds.
  • The animals are slaughtered around one year of age to guarantee the tenderness of the meat.
  • Short transport distances of animals help to limit pre-slaughter stress responses that can affect quality in negative ways.

Our Philosophy

If we take good care of our Water Buffalo, they will take good care of us.  We provide fresh air, fresh water, nutritious feed and a clean dry place to rest.

Animal Care Protocols
  1. Animals should not suffer from prolonged hunger.
  2. Animals should not suffer from prolonged thirst.
  3. Animals should have comfort around resting.
  4. Animals should have thermal comfort.
  5. Animals should have enough space to move around freely.
  6. Animals should be free of physical injuries.
  7. Animals should be free of disease.
  8. Animals should not suffer from pain induced by inappropriate management, handling, slaughter or surgical procedures.
  9. Animals should be able to express normal, non-harmful, social behaviors.
  10. Animals should be handled well in all situations.